Challenging Back-office Applications and Platforms

What We Do

We build custom software. We have been devising, developing and integrating applications dealing with data and digital assets for 14 years. We tackle the full spectrum: from files, documents, personal information, pictures, video, and documents to stock market prices and book licences. The world is full of digital material. It’s our mission to shape all of this into accessible and user-friendly back-office applications, built to suit the client’s needs.

Everything we develop, we develop sensibly and in close cooperation with the client. We aim for the final product to look the way the client imagined it, to do what the client wants it to do, and to be perfectly integrated into the client’s existing software landscape. This we do while minimising the cost, reducing risk and delivering in time by adapting components we’ve built in other projects.

Long-term collaboration is part of our DNA. That’s why we don’t stop at developing back-office applications. For some clients, we’ve become their trusted development partner for building and maintaining all of their important software platforms. That’s where we excel.

Back-office Applications

We build easy-to-use back-office applications to handle data and digital assets. These solutions are created as per the client's wishes. We work in many sectors, but have specific in-depth knowledge of the media, publishing, HR and marketing ones.

For a large organisation, for example, we created an application to follow up on the onboarding of their 300 new employees a year. For a group of publishers, we ensured that all course materials of schools can be consulted on one website. For a marketing department, we built a platform to set up and analyse online campaigns.

We like to be clever about our applications, without compromising on quality. Enter our development strategy: we don't reinvent the wheel but employ the components we've developed before.

The advantage? We limit the risk, because our components are tried-and-tested. We use the budget where it makes a difference, because we have the foundation covered by default. We are prepared for future needs and expectations, because the existing components are multifunctional.

Complex Platforms

Our expertise stretches beyond back-office applications. For several clients, we have evolved into their trusted partner for all of their software activities. We stand out mostly due to our focus on performance and scalability. Our platforms have many users, handle significant peaks and are expandable.

On request of a newspaper publishing house, we built a large platform to deal with subscription sales and integrated it with internal systems such as ERP and Single Sign-On (SSO).

For a media company, we migrated a big number of applications from physical hosting to cloud infrastructure and re-built the monolith to microservices.

We worked out an algorithm to organise real-time bookings and manage the tables of thousands of restaurants. This algorithm supports daily reservations as well as national campaigns where thousands of reservations are done at once.

We develop microservices, complex platforms, integrations with third party software, API's, user interfaces. We conceptualise, build, host (AWS and Azure), monitor, support and maintain our software products.

In short, we build for the long haul.