Working at Foreach
We need some Dutch speaking skills, though

Job Openings

All of our job openings are in Dutch. Why? Well, because that's the language of most of our communication, both internal and with clients.


Perks of the Job

Electricity is our most valuable resource, but our developers are a very, very close second. Keeping the fans whirring is easy, however; keeping our developers feeling appreciated, challenged and happy requires more effort. But the results are totally worth it!

In-house Development
We do all our development at our offices in Merksem or at home. So you'll be working at any place you like, based on your preference.
Technical Focus
Our code is our product and our passion. We keep it clean and take it seriously.
Small Organisation
You can really make a difference here. Our bosses are more approachable than our cleaning lady (she's a bit aloof...).
When working on a project, you’ll be working closely with the client, so you’re not stuck behind your screen day in and day out.
Of course you’ll be paid on the level of the industry, but we also offer a full benefits package, including a € 2,500 education budget.
Part of a Team
Our developers know each other and trust each other. Except during boardgames, then it’s everyone for themselves.

Recruitment Process

Step 1
Apply at or If you're a match, we'll get back to you in a few days time.
Step 2
Culture Fit
We have a heart-to-heart and discuss experience and expectations. We assess if working together would make both of us happy.
Step 3
Talents and Skills
We test your cognitive abilities with a benchmarked tool, and your coding skills through technical tests and a programming exercise. People applying for non-technical positions are invited for a one day try-out.
Step 4
Internal Red Team
Our Red Team tries to eliminate remaining blind spots and ensures the objectivity of the process. A hiring decision has to be unanimous.
Step 5
Final Chat and Proposal
Our final chat squashes any lingering doubts and we'll make you an offer you hopefully can't refuse.
Step 6
Welcome to the Team!
Sweets or pie make you a popular gall or guy.

The Team

Genuine teamwork is essential to our craft. It determines whether a project is a success, often more than technicalities do. We invest heavily in creating balanced and committed teams.