Thinking Across
Building Challenging Web Platforms That Matter

Who We Are

Foreach was founded in 2006 by three software developers who had the desire to create a web development company with a strong technical soul.

Nowadays we are an ambitious scale-up, growing to 50 colleagues. Our founders are particularly proud of our ability to design and build state-of-the-art applications with a high degree of quality and maintainability.
The products we build for our customers are made-to-measure. Over time we have developed operating practices aimed at efficiency and risk reduction. Whenever possible we use standard technologies, preferably open source ones.

We have core functionality in Java readily available by using modules, libraries and tools, some of which are found on open source. This means that we can focus entirely on the custom part of the project that provides the value to our customer.

We strongly believe in teamwork. We have discovered that genuine teamwork does not come easily, but is instrumental to yield extra-ordinary results. We work hard to create and nurture strong teams. We coach, we pair, we evolve, we listen, we celebrate ...

We behave like a long-term partner. Trust and mutual respect matter to us. We put more emphasis on the functional and technical quality of the end product and on a healthy collaboration with the customer, than on contracts or boundary conditions.

We try to say ‘can do’.

What We Do

We create, develop and integrate high end web platforms, applications and tools. We design sites, build API’s, analyse performance bottlenecks, configure databases, compose architectures, integrate tools, develop algorithms, support applications, etc. If it’s technically challenging, you’ve got our attention.

Generally, our process is as follows: first we describe the functional concept of the application in close collaboration with our customer. Then we do usability design, technical analysis and architecture. We develop, test, deliver and deploy. We also take care of the hosting, either on physical machines or in the cloud. Finally, we monitor, service and maintain the application.

We are a software developer, not a marketing agency. We don’t offer strategy and marketing concepts, we don’t build brands, we don’t write copy …

We might be geeks, but we are a very reliable software partner.

Our Services

By doing the analysis and creating the concept together with our clients we understand what is important from the start.
We consider performance bottlenecks before, during and after development. Because losing your visitors can be a question of milliseconds.
Our contracts are almost as agile as our development, so we can focus on the product, and not on the fine print.
Modern interfaces need to be intuitive and easy to use. We keep the users front and centre, so they never feel lost.
More people on a single project means more eyes, more hands and more ideas. We build balanced teams you can rely on.
To ensure the quality of our web products, we combine automated testing with monitoring and our after-hours support services.

Join the Team

Our technical expertise makes us proud. Every day we learn, we challenge, we investigate, we share … Every day we raise the bar a bit. Intrigued?