• Marc Vanbrabant

  • Software Engineer

  • Arne Vandamme

  • CTO

Looking back and looking forward.

Thirteen years ago last Sunday, Foreach was founded by us, Arne, Marc and Hans. A lot has changed in that time. No longer are we just three guys working on whatever comes our way (one of us has long since gone in search of other challenges). Foreach is now close to fifty people, and this requires much more organisation to keep everything running smoothly. But what has never changed in all these years, is our drive to be a reliable, long-term tech partner.

When we first started out, we worked as consultants from our customers’ offices. But our plan was always to work on bigger projects for steady clients. Our first big client was Mediafin, publisher of De Tijd and L’Echo, and they remain one of our foremost partners to this day.

We try to be a partner to our people as well as our customers.

As we grew and attracted more people and more customers, some complexity unavoidably crept into the organisation. Working the way we do, with in-house teams consisting of full-time employees, we have had to organise ourselves quite differently than if we were a bunch of consultants. But as we’ve grown into the company we are today, with the occasional stumble and hiccup, we couldn’t be prouder of our teams. Managing people is a skill that is hard to overstate in our field, and not one that always comes naturally. Developers are in high demand and can always get a “better offer”. So we try to be more than just a good employer; we try to be a partner, growing along with our people just as we do with our customers.

We’ve made great strides already, looking back at where we started. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, however. We continue to professionalize all aspects of our business, as it is the only way to grow. But we also remain a group of passionate developers. Because we don’t know how else to be.

Our team and some pies.
Of course there were pies!


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