Built in Selligent, the Legal Assistant (Ned. Verzekering Rechtsbijstand) allows you to insure yourself legally (in Belgium) for almost any kind of conflict, be it conflicts with regard to your job, your house, your family, the government or any other area of daily life. To implement this new tool, AXA - a long-term partner of ours - asked us to collaborate with their divisions.

The Legal Assistant is part of AXA’s website www.thelegalvillage.be and has been specifically designed to make it easier to seal a legal insurance deal from the comfort of your home. As we all know, legal insurances can be quite the hassle, and user-friendliness was therefore a priority while building this tool.

The questions the user has to answer are first and foremost designed to inform. All the information that you need to know to complete your legal insurances contract is laid out for you in a clear visual overview on the first web page of the flow, which can also be consulted on a mobile device. The strong visual component facilitates the way in which users are informed about their rights with regard to legal expenses (a crucial factor of “sorting out one’s papers”).

Now users simply have to choose the insurance they want, check off any other control questions they might have, decide how much percentage they want to pay themselves, and fill in any other personal details. Perhaps the only “online legal assistant” that finally found a way to make insurance policies a lot less frustrating, this tool makes it easier for you to protect yourself from unexpected events. For more information, see the Legal Assistant.

The Legal Assistant on desktop