Two days where our developers are playing around with projects that have been selected by popular vote

For the fourth time, we’re organising our Ship It Days. Two days where our management team vanishes and only a skeleton crew is still working, while the majority of our developers are very seriously playing around with the projects that have been selected by popular vote. The only conditions are that you can’t work on it alone, it has to take roughly two days, and it has to benefit the company in some way.

Our three projects this year, in random order, are:

1) Personal Localisator (that’s not a word, but that’s what we’re calling it)

Tracking people in our building using Bluetooth. Sure, our building only has two floors, two workspaces and two meeting rooms, but we still spend a surprising time looking for specific people for meetings or phone calls.


2) Awesome Logo of Foreach Animation (ALFA)

So what if our logo is only letters, that doesn’t mean it can’t be animated. Maybe the letters will dance a little. Maybe they’ll grow tiny hands and type on tiny computers. The sky is the limit! As long as it still spells Foreach.


3) Smart Mirror v2, the personalized smart mirror

During one of the previous Ship It Days, we built a smart mirror, showing the time, weather, traffic and a Slack channel called Narcissus. Now is the time to improve upon that with personalization. Not only will you see your own face (most mirrors do that), you will also get your very own customizable dashboard that pops up when you’re near!


So, yeah, time to make this happen. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days!


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