So what is it? Salaris-kompas. The term implies it already: It is a compass to measure your average salary. This means the tool guides you through different wages in different industries by comparing your current work profile to similar profiles across industries.

For the redesign of this tool, our team cooperated with Vacature for the second time in a row. In this new version, which is written in the PHP framework Symfony2, a few extra parameters were added that make comparison possible in numerous ways.

You still fill in a limited amount of questions (e.g. your level of education, work experience, function …), but the report has been extended in such a way that you can now play with the parameters and compare your salary to different industries, work experience, extralegal benefits … and so on. At least, this is the kind of information you can access if you go for the full analysis, though you can still opt for the compact one too.

Still, with the full report you enter a world of fun graphically designed by Little Miss Robot, the third party in this collaboration. So whether it’s a new job interview you are preparing for or you merely want to explore future possibilities, the 2016 design offers way more than just a salary check. Check out its possibilities at Salariskompas.

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