The past 3 days, we’ve worked very hard on one of our open source products. Cucumber Web Bridge (CWB) is used to automate functional or acceptance tests for web software. Without requiring much technical expertise, test scenarios can be written in plain English and run automatically in a web browser. As a result everyone on the development team can contribute to writing automatic tests; functional people - Product Owner, Functional Analyst, Tester, etc. – as well as technical team members. In a way, CWB serves as a bridge between the technical and the functional elements of a web product. At Foreach, one or more automatic tests are written per functional user story during the development cycle of a web product. For larger web applications this results in a stack of hundreds of functional tests that run automatically with every code commit. Regression is drastically reduced and functional application stability improves. Cucumber Web Bridge, a Java library on top of Cucumber (Gherkin syntax) and SAHI, was initially developed for internal use but is already available to everyone for a while now. To make it easier for others – and ourselves of course - to use Cucumber Web Bridge and to reap the benefits of this automation tool, we’ve worked on both the tool itself as on the documentation of the tool. On the documentation-part, we’ve done several things:

  • We’ve translated our documentation to English. Yes, most was in Dutch to start with. We also updated some pages in Confluence according to the technical changes. You can find all our documentation about CWB on our Atlassian confluence.
  • We made a demo-site which can be used in the sample project to play around with.
  • We updated our sample project and added scenarios to the sample project. This sample project can be used both as a tutorial as a quick lookup to how things can be tested.
  • And last but not least, we’ve made it a lot easier to install CWB for evaluation purposes. You can download this version here: . You can find the accompanying installation guide here .

We’re also working on a website that will group all our open source products. Keep an eye open for more news in the coming weeks. Of course, we also worked on the product itself. Let’s say the technical part:

  • CWB is now able to take a screenshot when a test fails.
  • There is now support for right-clicks and html5 input.
  • It is easier to parse CSV responses.
  • We have added some more predefined steps. E.g. to support popups better.
  • We’ve completed the upgrade to Java 1.7.
  • And lots of minor fixes.

We hope that you will come to enjoy this bridge we’re building between business and IT as much as we do!

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