We’ve come a long way with our open source products and we’ll continue investing in them. Our open source products are Across & Across Modules, Cucumber Web Bridge (CWB), Push Email Notifier and our common Java Libraries. We are quite happy with the progress we’ve made this year. Of course, more would have been better – as always. In 2015, we’ve realized quite a few things …

Almost all our products we wanted to open source, have been made available:

We are eating our own dog food. After all, we created these products to make our lives easier. So, we’ve used Across in multiple products. You can find all information about that on the Across site . We’re still using CWB in all our projects to guarantee quality. And Push Email Notifier is still in place to receive notifications via email about changes in our repositories of course.

We’re also proud that Push Email Notifier has reached over 1500 active installations. It can be freely downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace.

For all our products, we react to the comments we are getting about possible bugs or problems. You can see our documentation on our Atlassian space. Next to adding more documentation, we've also started adding some blogs about specific topics. The latest blog by Arne on CWB is about Testing Spring Boot microservices using Cucumber and CWB Rest. A very technical but also a very hands’ on tutorial.

In 2016, we will keep on investing in these valuable products and we will keep you posted.

Happy end-of-year festivities! 

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