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Every year, there are three big conferences about Drupal, named DrupalCon. This year’s DrupalCon in Europe is in Barcelona. With Drupal 8 being close to a first release candidate, I felt I had to go. The conference started on Monday but I decided to join the conference from Tuesday onwards. I’m sharing my first impressions here succinctly, as I want to enjoy the interesting talks as much as possible and see a bit more from Barcelona.



The first talk on Tuesday was the Driesnote, a wordplay on keynote of course and someone we all know: Dries Buytaert. And he had exciting news, Drupal 8 RC1, first candidate for release of Drupal 8, is going to be released the seventh of October. Dries also announced a change in the way releases are going to be handled. It comes down to releasing on set times. The long wait for Drupal 8 will not be replicated for future releases.

New stuff!

All the other talks I went to on Tuesday, all had some topics I didn’t know much about. Which is of course why you go to a conference such as DrupalCon. The common thread for me in these talks was that how we develop in Drupal 8 is the way that was also presented by the subject matter experts. So we did some good figuring it out for ourselves. With some help from all of the material that can be found on the internet of course.

One part where we can still improve is configuration management. From the presentations, I learnt that there are modules and drush commands that make updating a site much easier and that make it also a repeatable process.

Media Development Update

Another talk that got my attention was the media development update. They did a great job splitting it into smaller modules and then building bigger modules on top of those. For instance the media module will have the file entity, entity browser and entity embed modules glued together. As you noticed from entity in the names, the modules are not only for images and video. Media can also be tweets or anything else that can be embedded.Too bad a lot of the modules still need work and some are just in the planning fase. But don't let that stop you from trying if the media modules work for the functionality you want on your site. https://drupal-media.github.io/d8-status-update/#/


It was a great day learning how to use Drupal 8 even better than before. And I’m looking forward to the remainder of DrupalCon.


From Wednesday, I'm taking two things home. The first thing is that the Drupal 8 has become a lot smarter with specific caching functionality, lazy loading and placeholders. This means the website will be very fast if you use this new functionality: https://events.drupal.org/barcelona2015/sessions/making-drupal-fly-fastest-drupal-ever-here. The second thing is that the people from the commerce module adapted a new way of developing. Instead of only developing for drupal they made libraries form their core components like tax and addressing so other frameworks and commerce software can use them. They spend a lot of time on them, but in response they already have got more exposure and feedback from others: https://github.com/commerceguys.

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