It is the holiday season and this year we have an extra reason to celebrate. We extended the Voka portal site into a multi-site platform and launched 3 additional sites. was launched in October. and launched just before Christmas. Plato, Bryo and JongVoka strive to support entrepreneurs and to represent their best interests at all times, just like their parent organization Voka.

The previous sites of Plato and Bryo both had a lot of content. Therefore one of the main challenges of the project was to get back to the basics and to present the information in a clear and streamlined way on the new websites. The credit for managing this process of sharpening the message goes to Voka. JongVoka did not yet have a site, but the requirement of conciseness was similar. The result is 3 websites that are very easy to use and straight to the point.

We did not start from scratch. We decided to build the new websites on top of the existing Umbraco CMS of the website. This means that, rather than building 3 new sites; we created a multi-site platform and extended the existing content management system. On the front end, we have 4 different websites with a different look and feel, but they share code and are served from the same Umbraco back. This doesn’t only sound good. It also creates a lot of possibilities for extending a website with previously developed functionalities.