We believe in the value of paving a clear path for the professional growth of our colleagues and tend to give them plenty of responsibilities

We believe in the value of paving a clear path for the professional growth of our colleagues. We tend to give our people plenty of responsibilities sooner rather than later at Foreach. If you want to learn to swim, you need to start treading water first. At least, that’s our point of view. We have experienced the power of pushing people out of their comfort zone. We’ve seen colleagues blossom, watched them become more self-assured and more conscious of their talents and blind spots.

Luckily, we are not alone in this. Instead, we are very glad and honoured to have the help of external mentors for several of our colleagues. Take Isabelle, for example ...


We give our people responsibilities sooner rather than later.




Isabelle is part of our Leadership Team. She has been with Foreach for almost a decade, right out of college, and was selected as a mentee in the Young Leaders - Inspiring Mentors program.

Her mentor, Michel Vermaerke, Managing Director at Alio Consilio, has given her plenty of new insights and fresh viewpoints; through the programme she has grown more than she ever could have within the confines of Foreach.

An external mentor like Michel can bring value that is very hard to obtain internally. Not only does he have tons of experience, but his perspective as an outsider grants him a refreshing objectivity towards Isabelle’s personal growth plan.

Sure, there is always the risk that sending people out will lead them to greener pastures. But mentoring can accelerate the professional growth of people tremendously. And when that happens, you can be sure your company will grow along with them.

So thank you, Michel. And thank you, Isabelle.


Read the interview with Michel and Isabelle in Trends (in Dutch).

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