Communication. It’s always the biggest challenge in businesses worldwide, isn’t it? They say that no matter what project you undertake, if your internal communication fails, it will often be reflected in the result. So to counter the communication gap, we’ve set up several events to start with the basics: Share valuable information (the kind of information your colleagues need in considering possible solutions to a given problem).

For our developers, our “Weekly Demos” is a good example. Here, developers break down their code to get expert advice and gain valuable insights.

For our Project & Functional Leads, this has been our “Project Club” every 14 days: Get each other up to speed about the things Foreach is working on for the next two weeks, and this across teams. As such, we get a sneak peek into the different ways of planning ahead an IT-product.

For our managers, “Town Hall” – a monthly event we recently added to the pile. Town Hall is actually more of a way for everyone to give feedback on management decisions, to ask questions as to how the company is doing or how it is going to solve certain issues, and to get actively involved in the direction the company is headed.

Though these events help in sharing valuable information, the communication around our projects still has a long way to go. So as soon as we come up with anything new to stimulate each other’s brain cells, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, our technical blog will have to do.

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