We have opensourced some of our homemade tools. Originally, these tools were created for our own and each of these tools has it's own, specific purpose:

  • To better support our internal working: Push Email Notifier.
  • To create more value to our customer: Cucumber Web Bridge.
  • To find better ways of what we do already: Across and Across Modules.

These tools were built for internal use and to gain efficiency and effectiveness in our projects. Of course, we are proud of these tools and we believe that others can benefit from them as well. It didn't take us long to decide on opensourcing these tools.

Overview of the Tools

Push Email Notifier

Push Email Notifier is an add-on to Stash (part of the Atlassian Suite). Every time you push something on the repository, create a branch, ... an email gets sent. The mail is fully configurable.

Push Email Notifier can be freely downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace. We are very pleased that there are over 900 known installations of this add-on. This means that it is not only valuable for us but for a lot of other companies as well.

Cucumber Web Bridge

Cucumber Web Bridge is built upon Cucumber. Cucumber makes it easier to define tests. Cucumber is nice but we thought it could and it should be made even easier. With the idea of making the bridge between Business and IT, we started developing CWB. With this tool, it must be possible for the business-people to define their test scenario's (or acceptance criteria). And thus a better understanding is created between Business and IT since they talk the same language.

Across and Across Modules

As you probably know, we build webapplications. To be more specific: complex webapplications. With the experience we've gained during all these years, we thought of a better way to build these webapplications. In a more modular way. This product is still in the development phase, so expect to hear more about this soon.

In subsequent posts, we will explain more in-depth what these tools do and also our ideas behind them.

Going Forward

To create more transparency in our open source products, we've started using a free and open Atlassian. You can find it here. For each of our open source products, we've created a space in Confluence (Atlassian's documentation tool) and a project in Jira (Atlassian's project management tool). Feel free to have a look and let us know what you think of it.

And if you can't find what you're looking for on our documentation-pages or on our project-board, you can mail us.

Thank you Atlassian

Special credits and thanks to Atlassian. They believe so strongly in open source products that they give away free installations of their product for open source software. Find out more about their support for open source software here.

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