Four of our favorite talks from Devoxx Belgium 2017

We were all very proud of our boss when he gave his Devoxx talk (you can rewatch it here), and manning our booth was great fun. Like every year, however, there were more hours of interesting talks than there were hours of Devoxx. Luckily, everything but the sweaty developer smell is saved on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorite Devoxx Belgium 2017 talks.


Lisa Steendam - Java developer

“What stayed with me the most was the Deep Dive talk by Venkat Subramaniam on ‘Parallel and Asynchronous Programming with Streams and CompletableFuture’. It was interesting in its own right, but his concrete use of Java 8 taught me a lot about its functionalities. By seeing him work, I understand its intricacies a lot better.”


Remy Van Doosselaer - Team Lead

“At Devoxx, I like seeing the state of the open source ecology. While I got a lot from the Kotlin and Java 9 talks, the ‘Docker for developers and ops’ also genuinely interested me. The new cloud functionality especially allows for even easier deployment of test environments, so I’m looking forward to putting it through the paces.”


Steven Gentens - Java developer

“The ‘Going Reactive with Spring 5 & Project reactor’ talk was very visual and had that great feel of being able to quickly see and achieve results. I have personally not used endpoints that often, let alone big data, but it can’t hurt to be a little forward thinking. That said, I do look forward (heh) to using this myself at some point.”


Gunther Van Geetsom - Technical Lead

“I had a lot of fun at the ‘Baking a Microservice PI(e)’ Deep Dive talk by Antonio Goncalves and Roberto Cortez. They built a full microservice architecture on a Raspberry PI cluster from scratch, posing a problem and then solving it, step by step. Pretty cool to see, and their solutions to service discovery and circuit breaking are certainly usable in my own projects.”

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