5 days. 3500+ Devoxxians. 100 % Java talent. That’s Devoxx 2016 right there, and we’re glad to announce that Foreach is on board! Founded in 2001 by BeJUG-founder Stephan Janssen, this five-day event is the place to be for all things Java development. 

What’s more, one of our own, developer Arne Vandamme, will be speaking about Across. This is a Java framework to facilitate module-based development using the Spring framework. So if you’re into modular web applications that use Spring (MVC, Data or Boot), Thymeleaf or Bootstrap/JQuery, you might want to save a seat on Friday the 11th of November, at 11.50, Room 9.

Entering the Devoxxian realm not so much for listening, but rather for showing off skills? In that case our daily Java puzzle at our booth might be more your cup of coffee. Our team came up with a daily Java challenge: you’ll have 10 minutes at max to implement an algorithm that solves a common problem in the most performant way. 

The one who scores highest on performance gets crowned Dev of the Day and wins a prize worth 250 euros. All day we’ll keep track of the participants’ scores, so you might want to drop by to see if anyone has beaten your score yet. We’ll expect you soon! That is, if you’re up for the task.

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