After using a SNAPSHOT for almost 2 years, we have finally gotten around to creating a first public release of Cucumber Web Bridge.  Version 1.1.0.RELEASE is directly available on Maven central, no longer requiring you to use the Foreach repository.
Switching from the 1.1-SNAPSHOT to the release should be as simple as changing the version your Maven pom.xm
Group Artifact Version
com.foreach.cwb cwb-core 1.1.0.RELEASE
com.foreach.cwb cwb-rest 1.1.0.RELEASE
com.foreach.cwb cwb-sahi 1.1.0.RELEASE
About CWB
CWB was originally developed at our company.  We use it throughout our projects to power thousands of integration and acceptance tests.  The most important components of CWB are:
  • cwb-rest for testing JSON REST webservices using Cucumber (backed by Spring's RestTemplate)
  • cwb-sahi for browser based website testing using SAHI open source
  • cwb-core containing the basic infrastructure and the ConsoleRunner for distributing Cucumber tests
See the User Documentation and the sample project for information on how to use.
Over the next couple of weeks we'll be publishing some tutorials, the first one being about testing Spring Boot microservices using CWB REST.

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