What did we do in 2016? 

The holidays have passed and we’re all stuffed turkeys again (time to hit the gym), so perhaps this is a good time to have a mindful moment about the things we actually did in 2016. Not the things we planned on doing, no (like hitting the gym). The things we actually did. Actions, facts, lessons learned.

Well, for one thing, we launched the Investimmo product and integrated it into online newspapers De Tijd / L’Echo. These national newspapers are part of long-term partner (almost ten years now!) Mediafin. For 2016, next to several other projects, this led to a whole new website for investor magazine De Belegger.

Furthermore, we took on more projects of long-term partner AXA, and we collaborated with Vacature for the second time in a row (see Salariskompas). We also continued our partnership with De Persgroep Publishing, and Resto asked us to redesign and build the new version of their flagship product resto.be. And for the quiz "Het Grootste Licht" of newspaper De Standaard, our devteam handled the implementation of the online pre-selection.

During the year, we also managed to professionalise our internal organisation. This has resulted in the introduction of Team Leads in all of our teams. A Team Lead is a technical person responsible for organisation, methodologies and personal growth of its team members. To boost out-of-the-box thinking, and on employee initiative, we also launched the 2016 Ship It Days (24 hours without the boss around) and our monthly devtalks (think of it like a mini Devoxx-talk with free food).

But which lessons can we take to 2017? Well, this time last year, after we received the award of the fastest 50 in technology, we were in need of 12 new forces. Though we have met this goal, we also had to see some of our dear colleagues go. Therefore, like any other fast-growing business, flexibility is now more important than ever. And as a company where flexibility is one of the core values, this year’s goal is to grow ever more firmly.

So far, 2017 started off strong with two new colleagues. Yet we are still looking for talented functional leads and brilliant developers. So if you want to team up, just apply for one of our current vacancies, since last year’s growth enables us to take on ever more talent.

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