• ShipIt Day - Build a Smart Mirror in 24 Hours

    The ShipIt Day: A biannual event in which all of our teams stick their heads together to build something new and challenging within 24 hours. This year, one of the projects was to build a smart mirror. In case you’re wondering why we came up with this idea: We needed a mirror anyway. We were probably one of the only companies that didn’t have a single mirror in the entire building. So instead of buying one in the store, why not just make a “smart” one?

    April 26, 2017 by Marlies Van Hecke
  • Spring Social - How to Render the Social Login Flow in a Popup

    For those of you who have been playing around with Spring Social lately, you might have noticed that the Spring Social framework doesn’t have a built-in functionality that makes it possible for the social login flow to be rendered in a popup. Instead, it is always rendered in-page. It is possible, however, to work around that. In this post we will guide you through the steps to configure a working example that opens the login flow in a popup.

    April 19, 2017 by Gunther Van Geetsom
  • Meet Neos: An Automated Environment Setup using Docker

    How to create an app that fully automates the setup of a test environment, so that testers, too, can quickly and easily set up a test environment? At Foreach, we have been looking for a solution for this for years, and during our last Ship It edition four of our developers finally developed a solution.

    April 13, 2017 by Wouter Van Hecke